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Hello racers, welcome to Virtual Motorsport NZ.

With a lot of help from the community this page has helpful information about software, equipment, racing leagues and communities to make sure you're getting the most out of your sim racing.


If you have any queries, i've missed something or want to contribute then get in touch.


Contact form is at the bottom of the page


Many communities exist and communicate on many platforms.

Learn how and where to join communication channels


There is a great deal of exceptionally run leagues in New Zealand covering all disciplines on all hardware options.


You can find when and where they are racing, and contact information for joining!

Learn the ropes

All the resource you need to make the right decisions when you're investing in your sim.


PC or console?

What simulation software to buy?

Screens or VR?


And where to look for more information

Racing around New Zealand

Kiwi locations can be driven on a multitude of simulation software options.

Often those locations are available as a part of the simulation software, and others are available as community built mods.


Have a go

We are very lucky to have gaming/sim centres and mobile operations across New Zealand where you can have a go before committing to  spending your hard earned cash on a system

Hardware suppliers

In New Zealand we have many offerings of simulation equipment available.

From custom NZ made button boxes to high end motion simulators, you can buy everything you need here.

july, 2024